The Obnoxious Noxious Weeds!!

It is the time of year that noxious weeds are sprouting up in Arrowhead. These weeds are aggressive, spread rapidly, resist control and reproduce at an alarming rate. They are non-native and have invaded our environment and will dominate and crowd out native species. Noxious weeds deplete nitrogen from the soil, suffocate our native plants, rob plants of water and deplete food for our wildlife and change the entire ecosystem. Wind, water, horses, wildlife, vehicles, clothing, pets - all spread noxious weed seeds.

The 1996 "Colorado Noxious Weed Act" states that each property owner is responsible for managing noxious weeds on their property.

It is almost impossible to completely dig the root of a noxious weed. Herbicides are the most effective method to control noxious weeds. To make this easier and cost effective for owners, the AIA is providing a herbicide called Curtail to property owners free of charge. Also, a hand sprayer or backpack sprayer can be loaned to owners to apply the spray.

In addition to spraying with a herbicide, removing the head of the plant before it blooms helps to reduce the spread of the seeds. Always dispose of noxious seed heads in a double plastic bag and take them to the Montrose or Gunnison Landfill.

• DO NOT take them to the Forest Refuse Site for disposal as this will only contribute to spreading the seeds.

• DO NOT put them in the trash compactor.

Volunteers are spraying the common areas along the roads as this will help greatly with noxious weed eradication in Arrowhead.

Let's all work together to rid our community of noxious weeds and protect our native vegetation and wildlife.


Bull Thistle
Canada Thistle
Centless Chamomile
Common Burdock
Common Burdock Bloom
Dame's Rocket
Hoary Cress
Mullein Blooms
Musk Thistle
Oxeye Daisy
Spotted Knapweed
Yellow Toadflax